January 26, 2012


Sadly, our first week of unemployment has not been as glamorous as we had hoped. In a last-minute audible, we decided to forgo the professionals and pack all of our belongings ourselves. This has resulted in 5 straight days of morning-till-night backbreaking packing.

We’ve read that when you return from a yearlong trip like ours, you tend to be disgusted by the amount of “stuff” that you have back home. Well after this week, we’ve determined that we're already disgusted by the amount of stuff that we have. Bring in the camera crew, because we’ve got a hoarding situation on our hands. Steve's weakness is calculus and physics textbooks from his collegiate glory days. Katie's weakness is everything else. With 102 boxes and counting, we have assembled a fortress of sorts in our living room.

If someone’s going to rob us, we’ve sure made it easy on them. All they have to do is roll up and assembly line our 102 boxes right out the front door. Luckily Mom Nauman just arrived in San Diego to help out and Dad Nauman is on his way. Let’s just hope the fortress makes it another 3 days.

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