January 29, 2012

Obrigado, Dank u, Gracias, Hvala, Cám ơn, Merci, Khawp khun, Grazie, Ar kun, Khawp jai

“Thank you” in all of the new languages that we’ll be encountering…

To our parents: who are cautiously happy for us and have supported us through this entire process. Thank you for your love and encouragement.

To our trail blazers: Shelley Airhart, Dave and Breanne Kiefner, Noah Schum, Julie Cooper, Brad Hunter, Michi and Gavin Uchida – at one time or another you took the leap of faith, and in doing so, you planted seeds in our minds which have gotten us to dream!

To all of our friends who sent us tips: Steve took your suggestions and combined them into a book he gave me for Valentine’s Day 2010 simply titled, “THE WORLD”. We will cherish sharing our stories back with you.

To our “team”: Dr. Abulhosn (travel doctor), Bill Bailey (financial advisor), Jen Coleman (property manager), Brian McMullen (insurance agent), Larry Zelman (pharmacist extraordinaire) and Sarah Gamber (flight coordinator). Thank you for getting us to the starting line!

To our supporters and everyone following this blog: your encouraging notes and prayers have meant the world to us. We truly feel you rooting us on!

To each other (our wolf pack of 2): thank you for agreeing to this insane adventure.

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