October 12, 2012

60 Days In The South Pacific

We have been floating down here in the Pacific Ocean for the past 60 days. I guess in the grand scheme of the world, Australia and New Zealand have much in common...but my list is pretty short:  

 -  Plastic money
 -  Yummy cookies
 -  No highways
 -  Natural beauty
 -  Good hiking trails
 -  Love of rugby
 -  Lack of toothpaste options
 -  Internet access inferiority

There's more that they don't have in common. New Zealand doesn't have any snakes while Australia has 17 of the world's 20 most poisonous. New Zealand is charming in unfamiliar ways; Australia feels more every day…more like America.

These two countries reminded us of brothers. Australia is the older brother who doesn't even mention New Zealand. New Zealand is the younger brother who makes fun of Australia. We'll let them work that out between themselves. 

Are we tired of traveling? NO! In a strange way, living out of a campervan for these past 5 weeks has felt the most like home since we left 9 months ago. Our batteries are recharged. Just like with South America, we know we have a big culture shock coming our way when we land in Bangkok. We are looking forward it. We want to dive back into a culture completely unlike our own one last time before we come back to the US. We are rounding third and heading for home!

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